Akr Cad red deep Ara 023E, 500 ml

Varenummer: ARA-0500-023E - Få på lager
Kr 812,00 Kr 812,00

cadmium red deep / e23 / opaque / PR108

The colour palette of Ara has grown to 97 colours (see colour chart). In addition to the more standard colours we also have gold, pearl and neon colours. With our palette we support infinite creative possibilities and colour variations.

Besides the 68 standard colours, the range of Ara consists of:

21 metallic colours among which:
3 pearl colours (pearl green, pearl blue and pearl lilac)
7 iridescent colours (silver, gold, dark gold, bronze, dark bronze, reddish bronze, red bronze)
6 neon colours
Carborundum: dark gray paint, which feels like fine sandpaper after drying. For example suitable to work on with pastels.
Graphite: dark gray paint with a special shine. The pigment used in it is graphite powder.

Experiment with special colours

There are many ways to use the special colours of Ara. We suggest users to experiment with different colours to get to know its properties. All colours have their own effect. For example, the result of pearlescent paint on a black background is very different than on a white background. Black paper absorbs more light, which increases the ‘pearl shine’.



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